Remedial Coaching

remedial coaching

Special Programmes for Advanced Learners and Slow Learners

The college organizes orientation program for the parents and the students at the commencement of the programme for the new batch every year. The program would help students and parents get familiarized with the institution, curricular and co-curricular activities, facilities, rules and regulations etc. Before the commencement of the classes, the different requirements of the students are identified and addressed at the earliest by way of a strategic approach. Every year students are given training on communication skills, personality development, time management and motivational sessions.

In order to motivate both the slow and advanced learners workshops are organized to enhance their skills. Skill development clubs arrange workshops with hands-on session to improve students programming skills. With the active participation of advanced learners as coordinators both set of students get benefited. Guest Lectures are arranged for the students to help them gain industry and practical knowledge from the experts.


Methods adopted for assessing the Learning Levels of Students:

  • Profile of the Students: Right from the time students are admitted to the Institute, an assessment of their learning levels is done. programmes offered by the Institute are multi-disciplinary with students from varied backgrounds (Commerce, Arts, Science, etc.) opting for the same. Owing to this varied background, the Commerce Students find coping with the Quantitative Subjects difficult and similarly the Non-Commerce Students find coping with the Accountancy subjects difficult. To bridge this gap between students from different graduation backgrounds and bring them on the same page, the bridge courses are conducted during the orientation / induction program.
  • Performance at the Graduating Exam: On the basis of the graduating marks, slow learners and advanced learners are identified. Students will less than 55% marks are categorized as slow learners and those with more than 70% marks are categorized as advanced learners.
  • Performance during the Concurrent Evaluation in the first Semester/first Trimester – The Institute has a rigorous Concurrent Evaluation System comprising of tutorials and midterm examinations. The performance of students at these concurrent evaluations is monitored. Students who score less than 4 marks in a 10 marks tutorial are categorized as slow learners and those with more than 8 marks are categorized as Advanced Learners.
  • Assessment of Communication Ability – Students from vernacular mediums and rural backgrounds find it difficult to communicate in English and having low scores are also categorized as slow learners

Special Programmes for Advanced Learners:

  • High performing students are identified on the basis of internal assessment, university examination, and involvement in classroom.
  • Advising to participate in group discussions, technical quizzes to develop analytical and problem-solving abilities in them and thereby to improve their presentation skills.
  • Various club activities are conducted by all the departments in the respective areas to mould the students in corresponding field.
  • Students are also provided opportunities to develop their creativity by participating and organizing intercollegiate as well as national level technical symposiums.
  • Bright and diligent students are motivated and inspired to get university ranks.
  • Students are encouraged to take up competitive exams like GATE, GRE, TOEFL, IELTS, CAT, PGCET etc

Special Programmes for Slow Learners:

  • Remedial Sessions: Remedial sessions are arranged for the slow learners throughout the duration of the program.
  • Language Lab: Language Lab Sessions are arranged to ensure that students having problems with English Communication are facilitated to hone their English Communication Ability.
  • Counseling: Professional counselors are appointed for one to one counseling for students. One round of counseling is provided to students every year. Special attention is given to Slow Learners.
  • Informal Buddy System: Generally, when in class, faculty take care to allot a Slow Learner with an Advanced Learner, ensuring that peer learning helps in the development of the slow learner.
  • Personal Attention by Teachers in Class: Having a high Faculty Student ratio enables faculty members to pay personal attention to the students thereby motivating the students and boosting their confidence.
  • Participation in Co-Curricular Activities- The slow learners are also encouraged to participate various Co-curricular activities like Seminars, Research paper competitions and other competitive events teaming with advanced learners.
  • Participation in Extra Curricular Activities – Due encouragement is given to slow learners to motivate them to co-lead extracurricular activities like cultural programmes, Sporting events etc.


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