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Activities 2019-2020

Department of Physical Education has been providing opportunity for the all round development of students. The department has specific plans for creating awareness about health and fitness. Students of this institution getting opportunities for participating /conducting competitions. The teaching- learning process is mainly focused on how to perform exercise, role of exercise, acquisition of skill in a game, how to approach a competition etc

      The department has been providing coaching for various teams of our college in a view to participate in the Inter Collegiate Tournaments. Coaching camps were conducted in various games with the help of qualified coaches. Practice matches were also arranged during the training as part of preparing the team. Various college teams are nourished enough to participate in different Inter collegiate tournament. The department has providing sufficient playing kits for participating in the Tournament.

The Govt College Nedumangad has the following outdoor and indoor playing  facilities in our college.


  • Outdoor facilities
Sl. No. Name of Infrastructure facility
1 Hand ball cum Mini football court
2 Cricket Practicing net
3 Badminton Court
4 Kho Kho and Kabaddi Courts


1. Hand ball cum Mini football court

College has a Handball cum mini football  court  50m x 40m.Department of Physical Education utilizing this facility for providing coaching in the game Kho-Kho, Kabaddi,Football,Softball,Baseball,Rugby etc. Considering the performance  in Kerala university Inter collegiate  tournaments for the last 5 years Government college nedumangad secured atleast one position among the first three in the events like Kho-Kho (Men)/Kho-Kho (Women),Softball (M),and Rugby etc.



2.Cricket Practicing Net facility:


Cricket practicing net facility available in the college for providing  cricket practice .Total  net fenced area is (12M x 3.70 M), inside the fenced area there is a concrete pitch (10.5 x 2.5).College teams are nourished enough to practice in various inter collegiate tournaments.



3.Badminton Court:

Badminton court of GC Nedumangad is located near the cricket net. Length and breadth of the court is 13.41  M x 6.1 M.Students utilizing the court for practice and also for the conduct of intramural competitions.



1)Indoor Facilities

Sl. No. Name of Infrastructure facility
1 A Health and Fitness training Centre
2 Taekwondo/Wrestling training facility
3 Aerobic   performing facility
4 Yoga practicing facility


Indoor Facilities

College has facilities for playing Indoor games like Table tennis Chess and carromns etc. One portion of the open auditorium utilized erecting this facility. College table tennis team secured third in the Kerala University Inter Collegiate table tennis Tournament during the year 2018-19


 Health Club

The department has a full fledged gymnasium/ health club with various equipments like Treadmill, Squat stand, Abdomen stand, Stationary Cycle, upright bike, Vibrator, Weightlifting Barbells, Weight plates, floor mate  and a Multi unit for exercising /weight training.  Multiunit helps to performs different type of exercise around a unit. Students including various college team members, teaching and non teaching staff etc  are effectively utilizing the facilities of the college Gymnasium.



Gym-Multi Unit

Multi gym equipment available at Govt college Nedumangad  is effective in performing several different ways to exercise and another merit of the system is the unit designed in such a way it does not required professional help. Everything is easy, self-explanatory, and safe. The multiunit available in our college is one of the best available fitness machines in the market.


Motorized treadmill available in our gymnasium .The machine used for running or walking. The machine provides a moving platform with a wide conveyor belt which is driven by an electric motor. The belt moves to the rear, requiring the user to walk or run at a speed of the belt. The rate at which the belt moves is the rate of walking or running. Thus, the speed of running can be controlled by using switches available in the display session. The performer can able to identify speed of the movement in kilometer, time of the work done, pulse rate etc from the tread mill. Apart from the two motorized treadmill we have a light weight manual treadmill, the movement of the belt is according to the force applied by the performer with their feet.

Stationary bicycle

Stationary Bicycle available in our health club is easy to perform it consists of saddle, pedals, and ordinary of handlebars arranged as on a bicycle, but used as exercise equipment resembles like a by cycle without true wheels.This equipment is appropriate for the students to use for warm up activities before performing weight training  bicycle with an ergometer is used to measure the work done by the exerciser.

Students of this institution effectively utilizing the mentioned equipments and other facilities of the health club like, Squat Machine, Body Vibrator, Bench Press equipment. Students were given proper instruction regarding the utilization of various equipments, effect of exercise necessary precaution, importance of warm-up etc before performing exercise.

Taekwondo /Wrestling Practice facility:

      College has facility for practicing Taekwondo and wrestling, A separate room incorporated   with college Gymnasium is utilized for the mentioned purpose. Floor of the room is covered with Taekwondo cum wrestling mat for ensuring safety of the participants. Participants from the college won medals in the Kerala University Inter Collegiate wrestling and taekwondo competitions for the last few years.



Aerobics and Yoga Practicing Facility:


Wrestling practice room incorporated with college gymnasium also utilized for the purpose of practicing Yoga and Aerobics. We have facilities like aerobic stepper for performing step aerobics  and Yoga mat for performing yoga practice


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